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The Ministry

I have been publishing with Deep River Books since 2014. Chariots of the Fallen is my third book and I consider the sharing of these books as being integral to my ministry, both to glorify God and to spread the good news.

Chariots of the Fallen

Chariots of the Fallen is my attempt to
scientifically validate the Creation story, to show that the unearthing of biblical giants was routinely published prior to The Origin of Species. To credibly prove that dinosaurs are thousands of years-old, not the millions and millions of years-old that we were told. Several noted geologic experts have now concluded that the flood of Noah happened as described in the Bible. Even the animals of the Ark are accounted for.

Blair's Gap

A spiritual quest that began with family séances,

readings, ghosts, and the summoning of familiar spirits, Blair’s Gap can only be described as a Saul to Paul Experience. Blair’s Gap is the triumphant story of my search to find the truth, to replace embedded fear and bondage with love and salvation. To rid myself of a multi-generational curse and to free my soul,

I stood in the Amor of God, arguing the merit of my being. My journey had brought me to this moment in time. Overwhelming grace and mercy surrounded me.

First Vespers

Referred to as the strokes of an artist’s brush,

First Vespers is both inspirational and moving.

It is an attempt to tell God’s story in a remarkable way. First Vespers underscores the story, the meaning, and the focus of God’s intent in poetic verse. Reflecting no denomination or dogma, it is an answering to a Call by God, It is my devotional work of love. It is a group of Poet’s Prayers.

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