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Blessings! So Glad You Made It.

May the peace and grace of our Lord be with you.


Let me introduce myself. I was raised a Catholic and served as an altar boy in my adolescence. Although I loved the church, I found that the more I studied Scripture, the more I questioned the doctrines I practiced. By the time I reached adulthood, I had more questions than could possibly be answered by the church. I set out to discover the truth of God’s Word. On my journey, I read the Bible from cover to cover, several times over, continually conversing with God. Always growing in my relationship to God the Father through Christ the Son. By His grace and correction, I have at last found the comfort and understanding I was seeking. It is my prayer that my love and acceptance be reflected in my writings.


Recognized today as a self-taught theologian, I have degrees in electronics engineering, mathematics, and electrical engineering technology. I am employed as an independent contractor in the nuclear industry. I am a poet, a Christian author and sermon writer for a motorcycle ministry in North Carolina. My poetry has been published in six consecutive semi- annually published issues of the American Collegiate Poets Anthology, and following First Vespers and Blair’s Gap, Chariots of the Fallen is my third book with Deep River. The sharing of my books, lectures, and book signings has in and of themselves evolved into a type of ministry, an opportunity to both glorify God and spread the good news.

To read my most recent sermon, please click here.

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